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Download video today!

Join us in having fun dancing tango everywhere we go.  Online lessons are available now. 

Tango takes two, but before we communicate to our partner, it is great to have an opportunity to learn your own body and connect with it. And we do it through practice and individual work. 

Gaining balance, good posture and smooth movement is the best platform to grow healthy partnership. 

Try Individual drills lessons today, no experience dancing needed, it is helpful for all levels and roles. 

And look next for online tango lessons with the partner coming SOON!


COVID-19 Update

How are you? I hope with all my heart you and your family is healthy and safe and you are holding up ok through this time. I hope you find space to be kind and loving to yourself. 

All our onsite event are temporarily cancelled until further notice and I cannot tell how much I look forward to hug you all again. With understanding the coming back to social life will be long and evolving process tango embrace will not be the first thing we shall be able to experience. 

Lets together choose new ways to connect and grow. I am here to hear you any request of lesson community zoom calls or hangouts. We can do this. 

So far there are online individual practice lessons available and we shall keep adding new fun online events, hope you shall enjoy them.  

Monthly Milonga Fermata

We are excited to invite Houston and visitors to milonga Fermata every first Saturday of the month at a great location with free easy parking, a great new floor, and welcoming, friendly environment. We promote a safe and inclusive space for all who are passionate about dance.

We commit to creating a respectful and empowering space and invite you to share it with us and contribute to our vision.

When: Every First Saturday of the month, 9:30 pm – 1:00 am (temporarily canceled due to COVID-19)

Where: Studio Nia moves, 508 Pecore St

Fee: $12 (cash or paypal/venmo)

About the name: Fermata is a musical notation, indicating the prolonged pause in music. You might have heard the saying: “We dance between the steps”, for us the peak of communication through dance/movement is actually in the moment of stillness right after it. When there is so much desire to express yourself, but there is a pause and you must contain it and find the most subtle way to communicate it. It is that complete presence, honesty in the moment of pause. Hold the pause, embrace the pause, embrace the moment, embrace FERMATA.

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