Learn something new about yourself through…
tango beginners boot camp!!!
MASTER the basics of social TANGO in JUST ONE weekend

*No partner needed
*No experience needed

In safe, inclusive, positive energy environment we shall cover:
> tango fundamentals
> concept of partnership
>tango music
& remarkable connection only tango can give you!

What to expect: conversation about tango culture, brief history about the dance and what it is for us now. Basic step & fundamental concepts of tango. Specifics of tango connection and its uniqueness. You will learn why we love it so much and why the world call it meditation for tow.
Saturday: focus on linear movement, embrace & communication
Sunday: circular movement, musicality and playfulness of the dance

When: Aug 31, 3:00pm-6:00pm
Sep 01, 3:00pm-6:00pm
Price: $60 online
$70 at the door
Location: Studio NiaMoves, 508 pecore st

TO REGISTER and request payment link email to beintango@gmail.com

with any questions, please email to beintango@gmail.com