First Class of the New Beginners Tango Program

New Cycle of Tango Classes for Complete Beginners starts TONIGHT! We are excited to welcome everyone, who would like to try a new dance style, explore different culture and get introduced to tango community!

Beginners Class Program itself lasts 4 months, broken in 4 separate stages focused on different topics: linear movement, circular movement, building up vocabulary, musicality. After four month of classes you will become confidant tango dancer, ready to join the dance floor and to explore tango in your own way and you are very welcome to our Intermediate class.

It was a great journey through our previous beginners cycle and we are happy to jump in to the next after good memories and lessons learned we present great improved program.

TODAY we will discuss what makes tango a different so beloved by us dance. What is special about it and what are the new things you will discover about your own body through this dance. We will work on Body awareness, find out what is balance, axes, posture, connection … and how important they are in tango! We will get introduced to tango walk and its beauty… See you all tonight!

Classes will be held on Wednesdays, 7:00pm-8:15pm.

Location: Avant Garden, 411 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

$50 a month
$15 walk ins


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