A combo of followers/completers technique classes and community empowering discussion. HTFEC is created to provide safe space for argentine tango followers (completers) and empower them.

Club goals:

♥ To hear followers, learn more about their needs, experiences, and their perspective on how tango community could grow (there is always room for improvement).

♥ Create environment where they can gain confidence, develop strength, self-love and trust & improve their dancing skills. Learn more about communication, ways to express themselves in tango and beyond, find support in each other and create caring community with purpose and shared value.

♥ And have fun!!


1. Exercises to become more grounded, active, and musical

2. Followers techniques drills: walking, pivots, free leg movement

3. Learn and practice embellishments that express your style

4. Discussions about social dancing and Milonga etiquette; increase the amount of fun you can have and develop confidence to protect your space

5. Learn from each other, get motivated and inspired

6. Develop and/or determine shared goals and values that will guide the club, its membership requirements, and its purpose so that all can be active and empowered.

The club will meet every fourth Sunday of the month 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Please send email to beintango@gmail.com to become part of the club. $15 walk-ins $12 for members