This is the second event of a special 2 workshop event!

1st workshop
Austin 7/13 to 7/16

2nd workshop
Houston 9/15 to 9/17

The two workshops will introduce different techniques by Jorge Torres.

So the good news is the time between the workshops. The time will allow us to solidify the techniques in workshop one and have questions ready for workshop 2. The workshop 1 material can be leveraged to make workshop 2 more challenging and allow you to work on the many different delightful experiences within the dance.

**Jorge’s Bio**
Jorge began his dance training at the age of 3 when as fate would have it Mr. Norberto Guichenduc, the highly acclaimed ballet and tango dancer from Europe arrived to Jorge’s hometown on a mission. Mr. Norberto Guichenduc’s goal, remarkably surprising to the residents of this small rural town, was to give of his time to teach the town’s children to dance, affording them an opportunity they otherwise would not have had. Under the tutelage of Mr. Norberto Guichenduc, Jorge’s training began first within the different styles of Argentine Folkdances typical of his country of origin. Soon thereafter, Mr. Norberto Guichenduc, recognizing Jorge’s natural talent, became his personal trainer, mentor and friend for life. Thus began years of classical training in ballet, tango, and performance. Even before graduating from his studies to be a dance teacher himself, Jorge had begun his professional career at the internationally renowned Teatro Colon of Buenos Aires.

Jorge Torres has studied the art of Argentine Tango from dancers and teachers of great stature, including as Norberto Guichenduc, Rodolfo Dinzel, Pepito Avellaneda, and Antonio Todaro. He has performed in noted tango houses and theatres in Argentina along with renowned tango orchestras such as Sexteto Mayor in Santiago’s Municipal Theatre-Chile. His extensive list of shows includes “Imagenes”, “Tango y Anoranzas”, “La Pesada del Tango”, “Tangokinesis”, “Tanguisimo 91”,”Tango Tango”, “Viva Tango”, “Tango Passion”, “Buenos Aires Tango Show”, “Tango Seduccion”, and the Broadway and international hit “Forever Tango”, for which he has been the Dance Captain since May 1995. He has coordinated shows such as “World Tango Week” in Tokyo and Directed the Show “Tango Legend” attracting record breaking results each time. He was a member of the jury for the First World Championship of Argentinean Tango in Buenos Aires in 2003 as well as in 2009, the jury for the Campionato Asiatico in 2011 and has been the main jury for the USA Tango Championships since 2007.

**In September Houston Classes will be**
Eyes vs Brains w/ 20 min balance exercise
in a tight spot? (on a crowded dance floor)
dramatic and dynamic energy for social dancing
displacements and invasions (moving between the couple)
Adding Complexity

Full Package (1 workshop + 1 private):
Early Bird (7/7): $200
Regular Price: $225

Early Bird: (7-7)
1 — $30
2 — $55
3 — $75
4 — $95
5 — $110

Regular Price:
1 — $30
2 — $60
3 — $85
4 — $110
5 — $130

1 — $110
2 — $210
4 — $390

If you take both workshops (Austin and Houston) you will recieve a 20 dollar credit to use toward classes or milongas 🙂

You can paypal the amount to using the friend/family option. Please include the name of the people who the classes are for. Thanks!


For additional questions feel free to ping Shiauita Tango, Iryna Ilyk and Hande Jones.