The Art of Listening.

… dance with me so I can hear you



“Be In Tango” starts a new series of monthly workshops dedicated to empathy development and non-verbal communication in tango, and to finding connection with the partner and yourself. We will be talking about values that contribute to our happiness through tango experience.
Each workshop consists of two 90 min classes with 15 min break. It includes theory and discussion, individual and partner drills, and dancing focused on the topic of the day.
On March 3 we will discover deeper the idea of Listening to yourself and your partner. What does it mean: “Listen to your partner” for completer and initiator? How to listen? What am I suppose to hear and what to do with it? This workshop will help you find answers to all these questions. We will identify what prevents us from establishing contact with our partner and will shift focus on what contributes to its improvement in order to make dancing a beautiful, creative and profound experience.

During the WORKSHOP we will work on acceptance, creativity and fun that can come from open communication with dance partner. Become a listener and receiver regardless of your primary role in tango. Find comfort in not knowing what the next step is and enjoy discovering it together. Become an active completer and attentive initiator.

Finding connection with your partner.
Being support for each other and a friend.
Agreement to enjoy this time together, free of judgement and expectations.
Embracing love within tango embrace.

ALL LEVELS are welcome.
Snacks and refreshments will be provided.
Price includes workshop and milonga:
For registration, please email us at