Practica every Tuesday from May 23

New Tango Practica starts on May , 23.

It will be hosted every Tuesday from  8:00 pm till 10:00 pm.

The concept of the Practica is following: guided practica with recommended subject to work on. There will be no cortinas, no cabeceo. I encourage everyone to use this time and opportunity to work on weak parts of your dancing. Ask someone in the room if they would like to work on something together. Dance with the partner and ask for the feedback, give the feedback in a nice manner, switch partners and dance with dancers at different level. I will be there to give the feedback, answer the questions, and to help establish the path of practice for certain topics. Come ask me at any time, dance with me and let’s get better together.

I welcome you to join us to make this Practica a friendly, cozy socializing place, fun to work on your tango. Open for new comers and enjoyable for all good tango friends. Please feel free to stop your dance at any moment and discuss the feeling, the move or technique with your partner, switch dancing partners, share your experience and/or questions. Or talk about tango while you have a drink, some wine and beer will be provided. See you Tuesday and let’s see how it goes! Make me feel like my living room is too small for this 😉 and we will move to bigger space.

Recommended Donations: $7.

Location: 401 West Saulnier St., Houston, Tx, 77019.


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