Always wanted to try tango, but don’t want to spend months getting through basics? Join us for Beginners Boot Camp and learn basic level essentials over a single weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what your mind & body are capable of! Bring the joy of an elegant and unique dance to your life and see what beautiful changes it may bring to you. Everyone is welcome, neither experience nor a partner required, nor good balance, good musicality, or good posture. Those things you will gain by learning tango. You will learn basic tango steps & patterns, concepts of communication with your partner, musicality, self-awareness, and floor craft. The goal of the program is to guide and support you in becoming a confident and comfortable social dancer who understands tango traditions, codes of conduct, and their history. After finishing the program, you are welcome to join Level 2 to continue your progress at your own pace. This is a safe and inclusive community and we are happy to welcome you to our tango family.